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Front Porch Flower Basket

Front Porch Flower Basket

I love planting flowers for the summer and sprucing up my front porch. I made these super easy front porch flower baskets. They turned out really cute and once they grow and fill in a bit they will be gorgeous!

Here’s what you need: Potting Mix, moss, and a cute wire basket (I got mine at Hobby Lobby). I have a shaded front porch so I added in some Patricia Ivy, Impatients, Begonias and Hypoestes. If you are hanging yours on your front door you will also need a door hanger, ribbon and some bubble wrap.

First start by lining your basket with moss.  The moss keeps the soil in the basket and also keeps the water in as well. So make sure you adequately cover the bottom and sides of the basket. If you choose a much larger basket, you can add some empty 2 liter pop bottles in the bottom of your basket before you add in the soil. Depending on your basket size, you can cut the bottles to fit the size of your basket. The pop bottles will act as a filler and help take up some room in the bottom of basket. The pop bottles will save you from having to use too much soil. The moss hide the pop bottles and keep them from showing through the basket. Next, add your potting soil.


Add in your plants. If you are putting your basket  on your front door, Take three yards of ribbon and cut in half so you have two long pieces of ribbon. Take one piece of ribbon and tie it to one side of the basket and then take the other piece of ribbon and tie it to the other side. Take both pieces of ribbon and make a large bow to hang basket with. To protect your door from being scratched by the basket, and add some bubble wrap to the back of the basket. Hang your basket and  and your done!


I love how they both turned out! Happy Planting!!