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Paint your Kitchen Cabinets using Homemade Chalk paint

Paint your Kitchen Cabinets using Homemade Chalk paint

Hello! I’m going to show you how to paint your kitchen cabinets using homeade chalk paint. I love to make my own chalk paint! The paint turns out so nice and creamy and its so much cheaper than buying it.

We moved into our new home last summer with lots of home projects to tackle. Like many families, we spend a lot of time in our kitchen! It’s where our family tends to hang out and I absolutely love to cook!  So the kitchen cabinets were definitely on my to do list!  They were a yellow alder, outdated and a little worn.  You can see in this picture how the cabinet colors made the kitchen look dark. My husband and I were wanting an open and airy feel. I love the timeless look of white cabinets so I knew ahead time that that is what I wanted.

Before (Sorry! not the best picture.)


In our last home we had paid someone to come and paint our cabinets for us.  They turned out beautiful but it ended up costing us a few thousand dollars for our little kitchen. I wasn’t wanting to spend that  again so I decided to go ahead and do it my self. By the time I was ready to work on my kitchen cabinets, I had already done a ton of painting in the house and was a little burned out.  I decided that I was going to go ahead and use chalk paint and for the first time I was going to make my own.! I love a good project  but painting my kitchen cabinets was a little intimidating. This was definitely going to be the biggest project that I had done!


Shortly after we moved in, I painted the kitchen back splash. I did this a couple of months before I painted my cabinets. Originally it was a grey charcoal slate. The back splash itself  was OK but the color clashed with the cabinets and granite. I love how the backsplash turned out. Its amazing what a little bit of paint can do!  I was thrilled with how it turned out!








             Prep work Before starting                                                                                                                                                     

  •         First Remove all the hardware.
  •         Before I started painting I wiped down all the  cabinets with TSP.  Any kind of  degreaser will        do the job. Make sure that your surface is  nice clean before you start. Cabinets tend to get          really grimy.
  •         Fill in any nicks or gouges in with wood filler so that you are working with a smooth surface.

Next, I used painters tape around the floor boards and ceiling. I also used a drop cloth to protect the floors from spills.


Now for the fun part!

I removed one of the cabinets to display some fun dishes

Time to Paint!


Then I  went ahead and mixed 1 part Plaster of Paris with 2 parts paint. I used Valspar Reserve flat paint.  I had this paint left over from painting our ceilings!  I love that you can take left over paint and turn it into chalk paint! Just make sure that if its for cabinets that its a high quality paint that has good good coverage.

Before mixing the plaster with the paint, make sure that you follow the directions on the box of Plaster of Paris and mix it well with water until it becomes smooth before mixing it with the paint. Otherwise you will end up with lumpy paint.  Some empty sour cream containers work great to mix the plaster of Paris and paint in. I just eyed the measurements. You can also take a sharpie and divide the container into three parts. Chalk paint goes a long way and is always better freshly mixed. Its best not to make more than you will use that day. I noticed that the paint became a little bit gritty in the bottom of the container if left overnight.

The paint turned out so nice and creamy!! I was so excited about being able to make my own chalk paint! Super easy! and a lot less expensive!


Mix with water until smooth before adding to paint
Choose a high quality paint

  •  I used a paint brush to paint the first coat of paint. Use a high quality paint brush. I really         like Purdy.
  •  Once dry, use some fine grit sandpaper to smooth any paint imperfections.
  •   Use a small sponge paint roller for second coat of paint

Now for the fun part! painting! When I started painting, I quickly learned that taking the cabinets off the hinges was a total pain in the butt! not to mention time consuming.  I ended up painting the remaining cabinets without removing them. I used 2 coats of white paint on the cabinets. The first coat I used a brush. The second coat I used a small sponge roller to minimize brush strokes. Let the paint dry in between coats.

I wanted more of a country look so I took some fine grit sandpaper and lightly sanded the edges.


Chalk paint needs to be sealed or it eventually will rub off. Because Kitchen cabinets get lots of use,  using a wax isn’t a good idea. Its hard to wipe down and not super durable.  I really like to use Varathane water base polyurethane.  It’s  durable and easy to wipe down.  I used a gloss finish to give it a little bit of sheen since chalk paint is pretty flat.  Varathane is my favorite for white paint because it does not yellow.  I bought the floor Finish for extra durability.


After painting and distressing, I used 2 coats of Varathane water base polyurethane

The entire project cost $173.00  including the cost of the paint. Not bad!!

Paint (2 gallons) $80.00

Plaster of Paris  $7.00

Fine grit sandpaper  $ 6.00

Varathane Polyurethane (1 gallon)  $50.00

Purdy Paint brush $10.00

Mini paint brush foam rollers $12.00

Painters Tape $8.00

Painting my kitchen cabinets took me about 10 days.  For best results, make sure you take your time painting. Make sure that the wood looks nice and smooth after each coat of paint. Be patient!

It has been 7 months since I painted my cabinets. They have held up amazingly!! They look just as good as the day I finished them! I am so happy with how they turned out!

I would love to hear any painting tips that you might have. Leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you!

Happy Painting!!